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Я, конечно, понимаю, что многие это у меня в дневе видели, но не могу не...

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SHOXX March 2011 Vol.217
Конец Света нам не страшен!
Я уже сдохнах.
Это... ужас и кошмар. Что же будет дальше?!?!?!?!?!

УПД: +1 фото и перевод статьи.
Канон из An Cafe с Tokio Hotel в немецком посольстве

(с) kaulitz.org

Kanon & Tokio Hotel
Kanon (from the Japanese band, An Cafe) was selected by the SHOXX magazine for a special interview to the European rock band Tokio Hotel. Below is the transcript of our conversation. Oh, there are many exchanges of views on the artists of East and West, and in An Cafe. I hope you enjoy reading, please take a look!

Ah, Japanese fans have already heard the strong voice of the German fans.

Kanon: Tokio Hotel are interested in listening to Japanese bands?
Bill: Yes, we are very interested. Do not know much, but we heard that there are plenty of bands that are fantastic and enthusiastic, as heard on this CD (CD Kanon).
Kanon: Thank you.

Kanon: I’ve been several times in Europe…
Bill: Have you been to Germany?
Kanon: I’ve been there, yes.
Bill: Which city?
Kanon: In Cologne and Berlin.
Bill: All right!

Kanon: The flights between Germany and Japan are very long, right?
Bill: Tom and I have moved to Los Angeles now. Compared with Germany, Japan is closer to the United States. About 11 hours of flight, but is still long. Gustav and Georg came from Germany.

Kanon: The Germans are tall in stature…
Bill: Oh, there are many with the height of Gustav (laughs).

Kanon: The Germans also speak with high voice. Programs I saw and the voices of the presenters were very high. Here, however barely hear what the other says.
Bill: As the Germans are high, it is natural to think that they also have a great voice. But I like the screams of fans.
Kanon: Me too!

Kanon: You have not opened any presentation in Japan, right?
Bill: Yes, but we have a presentation open to anyone. Japan is very different from Germany, but coming to Japan has always been our dream. I can not believe I’m in Japan, but in general has always been our dream. I am very happy for tomorrow, which will be our presentation here in Japan.

Kanon: The Japanese fans are a little “too shy”…
Bill: I think so. They are very nice, but a little shy, yes.
Kanon: It’s typical.
Bill: I understand, I understand.

Kanon: Akasaka Blitz is a very nice, especially on the inside can see the difference, I love it.
Bill: We’ve seen the pictures and the place looks very beautiful. Before coming to Japan, we introduced in Mexico in a room with 18.000 people. This room can be a bit small, but at least the atmosphere is more intimate. I think it will be like a fresh air for us.
Kanon: 18.000, wow!

Kanon: At the press conference, the atmosphere was fantastic. You already ate pizza in Japan, right? The pizza in Japan is very different from pizza in Italy, Japan has a unique flavor.
Bill: I did not understand much about the menu of pizzas that were in the hotel, however, despite that make it a different way, is very tasty. For lovers of pasta and pizza is always a pleasure to experience.
Kanon: I noticed that you’re a vegetarian.
Tom: Bill and I are vegetarians, so do not eat meat.
Bill: I have heard much of Japanese food, including many delicious vegetarian dishes.

Kanon: Japanese cuisine is very different from the West. It takes a lot of meat and a variety of fish. Kaiseki, for you vegetarians: eat like Buddhist monks. In general, because their clergy do not eat meat, right?
Bill: That’s great! We’d love to know where we could eat.

Kanon: I also noticed your makeup…
Bill: I became interested in makeup when I was 12. I also went to school with makeup.

Kanon: What made you interested in makeup?
Bill: I became interested because of Halloween. I dressed as a vampire. I liked the look of a vampire and David Bowie, so I fell in love with makeup since the beginning. I was inspired by a particular person, is a mixture of elements that I like. I created my current appearance.

Kanon: Oh, so the other band members will not follow it?
Tom: No.
Gustav: No way.
Georg: I do not think so (laughs).
Bill: Although our band is very close, we all have a great personality, each has its own style, and should not change that, and not everyone would like to see to make the whole band. I do this because as a child, I liked to wear makeup and choose how to combine the makeup the clothes she wore. We have no stylist, always have the last word on our new look.
Kanon: Ah, I see.

Kanon: Do you put makeup on your own?
Bill: When I was in school I did, now I have a professional makeup artist to help me, I could do it alone, but I’m a little lazy.
Kanon: Ok.

Bill: We also have a question: Where does the name of his band “An Cafe”?
Kanon: Is the name of a racehorse.
Bill: The horse must be very strong. Horse racing is very popular in Japan.
Kanon: Yes, members of my band and I love horses, so we chose the name of a racehorse.
Bill: The name is really cute.

Kanon: In Japan there is a special place you want to go?
Bill: Well, is there somewhere I can go?
Kanon: Akihabara and Harajuku.
Bill: We went to Harajuku.
Tom: How many people!
Bill: You look around and see people everywhere.
Kanon: No coffee.

Tom: What’s in Akihabara?
Kanon: This is the Akihabara electronics district, the latest technology releases. Before it was known as the “street power” sell everything.
Bill: That sounds very interesting.
Kanon: The power of the world in a better way.
Bill: Really? Then I have to take a look!
Kanon: I would be very interesting.

Tom: Aside from ” An Cafe” – is there another Japanese band?
Kanon: Oh, the Japanese?
Tom: If I were asked, “Tell me what is the best German band” could not answer: “Tokio Hotel”! (Laughter)
Kanon: Exactly! No other band that I recommend.
Bill: Well, then we must listen.

Kanon: After listening to our songs, tell us what you think.
All: Yes!

Kanon: Although there is no need to say it now, do not forget to come back to Japan!
Bill: We’ll be back for sure.
Tom: Even if we have to go soon…
Bill: …listen to the CD.
Kanon: Thank you.
(c) Tokio Hotel Australia

Краткий пересказ бай ми)
ТХ приехали в Японию и Шокс выбрал Канона как интервьюира.
ТХ презентовали свой мерч в каком-то японском рок-магазине и, видимо, выступали в Akasaka Blitz. или у них была там просто конференция? или фанмитинг?
Говорят о разнице между немцами и японцами (Канон жжот: немцы высокие. у немцев высокие голоса. японские фаны стеснительные. японская пицца отличается от итальянской. отметил мейк Билла, и, думаю, когда на вопрос "А остальные как-чо на счет мейка?" все категорично ответили "НЕТ!", Канон понял, что мальчикам не завоевать Японию)))))
Мальчики... блин, они ТХотельщики!!!! и ничерта не знают о Японии. буэ! Чтоб хоть один азиатский айдол позволил себе таким неподготовленным поехать в другую страну!!!!

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фефефе хд необразованные шимпанзе

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Mister Finnigan
Самоуважение – отстой. Оно тебя не накормит, не защитит и не даст кончить. (с)
май дио тип того.

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Sima_Finnigan *очень много нецензурщины* xD

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Енот со странностями
это возмутительно.
Не фотошоп, но по-любому сделанный из фанеры. Вон, сзади держат, чтобы не упал! x}

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Mister Finnigan
Самоуважение – отстой. Оно тебя не накормит, не защитит и не даст кончить. (с)
Гокудера лучше бы был фотошоп. я бы возможно не понял шутки, но волос седых было бы меньше.))


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